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Glow like Beyon'ce & ILLUMINATE

+ Unifies and brightens skin tone

+ Reduces pigmentation

+ Protects from sun damage

+ Improves texture

+ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Make me Illuminate! $250

Give Fresh Face like J Lo & REVIVE

+ Deeply hydrates the skin

+ Replenishes antioxidants

+ Boosts collagen production

+ Prevents premature aging

+ Improves Texture

+ Great for Mommy Time Post Recovery

+Allow yourself to be the Queen

Breath in Life & Revive ! $200

Serve Clarity like Lupita & BALANCE

+ Purifies and balances oily skin

+ Improves skin texture and appearance

+ Fights acne

+ Removes impurities

+ Detoxifies skin for clear complexion

Balance my Beauty! $225

Quench Thirst like Rihanna & HYDRATE

+ Leaves skin glowing

+ Enhances moisture retention

+ Replenishes dry and dull skin

+ Strengthens skin barrier to improve cell renewal

+ This facial cleanses, exfoliates, oxygenates

Get Me Hydrated Sis! $200

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"My skin always changed depending on what season I was in" said Nichelle from Detroit, MI.

If you are anything like Nichelle, and would like to know what season your skin is in, and what facial would benefit you the most... take our skintuition quiz and get one step closer to a fresh face frenzy!

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Our Mission...

I love the song "Brown Skin Girl" by Beyonc'e, but when I look at my three daughters, there #BlackityBlackBlack was every other shade but brown. I often wondered, where is the song for the yellow & light skinned girl? As we celebrate the chocolate and mocha within our culture, our mission is to bring awareness and inclusiveness to the biracial, interracial, yellow, and light pink women who have at times felt in between, not good enough, not accepted on either side of the coin, and to build a table where we can all sit together. Our e commerce skincare brand Mela-n-Pop, is meant to enhance the melanin in each of us, & our brick & mortar locations are equipped to provide non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures, so that you are treated by someone who looks like you and understands your skins unique needs. We also love to educate non-African American parents who are raising biracial children on the best products for their skin type. To view more about our story, please view the about us page.

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braggin rights

I was so happy to be able to see another woman who looked like me in the spa, knowledgeable, thorough, and able to educate me on medical procedures. Also, her work is incredible!

Alyssa, Detroit MI

I cannot wait until the Mela-n-pop skincare line launches! I also have kids whose skin is too dry when using my products and too oily when using traditional products for their skin type. I am so freakin happy that somebody actually put their skin under the spot light and created product for us light-skinned peeps lol...

Meghan, Grand Blanc MI

Stacey and her team are very knowledgeable, and provide the best care in a comfortable environment. I'm not letting anyone but her touch my face ever again. And yes, I drove.

Lolita, Allen Park MI




The Culture

Black skincare and facials in Detroit Michigan


There is an huge gap in availability of brown and yellow medical providers to provide non invasive aesthetic services for brown and yellow shaded people. There is also decreased education in our communities about what is possible for black and yellow beauty. The truth of the matter is, our swag is delicious, our babies, women and men deserve to serve a fresh snatched face too. Facey+Stacey has built a team of diverse providers to help bridge the gap and ensure our black don’t crack. If you think #ourblackisbeautiful, wait until you see our Botox! Share our story and use our hashtags for the celebration of black and yellow vibes and beauty!